wpkg 0.8.1 available

I started work on version 0.9.0 which is going to include even more advance features such as a full build system inside the packager tool (wpkg).

As I do that work, I find little, and not so little, glitches in version 0.8.0. I found a crashing problem, a big mistake preventing the use of control.info files, and the fact that limiting file names and path to what the good old tar system offers is just plain not enough so I ported the new code from 0.9.0 to support unlimited filenames in tar files!

These are the 3 major mistakes that got fixed.

I also goofed off with a few other things such as error and warning messages that would use invalid module or package information. Also for programmers, I fixed the wpkg_control exceptions: they were not derived from the wpkg_control_exception base class! Now you can catch on those as expected.

I'm afraid that's about it for this upgrade. A few patches. If I find more problems while finishing up on 0.9.0 and it can easily be ported, I'll create an 0.8.2 version.

Otherwise, we're still working on getting a wpkg-like Qt version running on Windows 7. Once we have that (really close now!) we'll also publish the Package Explorer tool. That will greatly help you with managing your installation targets (especially if you do not like to use consoles like I do.)

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