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wpkg 1.0.0 is Available

After hours of research and testing, we finally got a version that has an update/upgrade path that works as expected in most cases. This is version 1.0.0.

This version also includes a few other bug fixes and enhancements to the project. For example, we lifted the constrain of 200Mb per package. The problem being that some people want to generate debug packages which include PDB files. Visual Studio generates those files and they greatly help in debugging your applications in case of a crash.

Note that version 1.0.0 was uploaded on without a 32 bit version. However, we now ...

pkg-explorer 0.3.0 available

We now got a version of Package Explorer available for wpkg 0.9.2+. It compiles and links against that newer version of wpkg which makes it up to date.

Version 0.3.0 is otherwise very similar to the previous version, 0.2.4, so if you already know how to use 0.2.4, you won't have any surprises.

This time we offer a fully precompiled version for MS-Windows. There is a .exe that you install as a setup.exe and there is a .zip which includes all the necessary files in a standard zip archive. You'll want to install the Qt library 4.8.x first and make sure it is in your path. We use Qt for ...

wpkg 0.9.2 available

wpkg 0.9.2 is now available! The new packager system includes a 100% coverage test of the advgetopt class. This allowed me to find out why the lone "-" wasn't working right, and a couple of other major bugs: the use of an option which requires exactly one parameter would return the very first one found from anywhere (the configuration file, the environment variable, or the command line) and it properly handles the case of a no name option which I had never tested before (this is a valid case for default parameters.)

The class also offers additional tests that are useful to catch ...

wpkg 0.8.4 available

There is new version of 0.8.x which includes a few fixes to the command line option library (advgetopt class.) As I was writing a full coverage test, I found out that one of the main feature of the class was actually not properly programmed. There is an example:

wpkg --admindir ~/admin --admindir ~/target/var/lib/wpkg/admin ...

That command line is expected to return the second path (~/target/var/lib/wpkg/admin) as the value of the --admindir option when in fact older versions would return the first path (~/admin). This is wrong first of all because the documentation says otherwise, but ...

pkg-explorer 0.2.4 available

Since I mentioned Package Explorer as one of the tools available in this project, someone asked about it and I published version 0.2.4.

At this point it is only the source code. We are still working on Qt to transform all the files so they get compiled by cmake as our whole environment is. Once that is available we'll be able to offer a full set of packages to get the Package Explorer tool installed with wpkg (and then itself, maybe, one day...)

Version 0.2.4 of Package Explorer compiles against version 0.8.x of wpkg. The API of the library changed quite a bit between 0.8.x and 0.9.x so ...

wpkg 0.9.1 available

I found out that I was encoding all the characters as in a URI (for example, the space was becoming %20) when attempting to access a file on disk. The result was that files with any character that gets encoded were just not accessible at all from wpkg.

I added a test that includes a path with two spaces. This helps quite a bit with finding potential problems in running scripts too! (Yeah... I had to fix yet another problem with running scripts under MS-Windows when a space appears in the path to the script.)

The new version also includes a few other fixes found as I was checking the ...

wpkg 0.9.0 available

Finally, I am releasing version 0.9.0!

This version corrects many glitches of older versions, including in the packaging scheme as well as handling of data by the libdebpackages library.

Also, probably one of the most important feature being added to wpkg: It is capable to building an entire repository of source packages all on its own, in other words, it is capable of being a build system by itself! Although that has minimally been tested under Microsoft Windows, it works perfectly under Linux. Our next step is to get a small repository compiled under both systems: Linux and MS-Windows.


wpkg 0.8.3 available

Ooops! I just created version 0.8.3 since someone pointed out that to run wpkg.exe or wpkg64.exe one needed to install the usual programmer DLLs. (the infamous MSVCR100.dll and MSVCP100.dll files!)

Now I put a quick fix in 0.8.3 which generates a problem for the DLL versions of the different libraries because these are now compiled with /MT and /MTd which is not compatible with proper DLLs. If you want to use the DLLs, I suggest you look into recompiling wpkg first, or use 0.8.2 or 0.9.0 (which is about to be published, I still need to find out why Doxygen does not generate the function's ...

wpkg 0.8.2 available

Testing some more with long filenames there were still quite a few problems to resolve.

Along the way, I found out that the place where --force-configure-any should have been used, I had --force-downgrade instead.

When unpacking packages, the version wasn't being validated as expected.

The Date field would get a time zone of "ric" under MS-Windows. I replaced the output with the expected +XXXX syntax.

As I was updating the tests to fully work under MS-Windows, I had problems with the WPKG_SUBST in a unit test. It actually has to be defined in the main() function to make sure ...

wpkg 0.8.1 available

I started work on version 0.9.0 which is going to include even more advance features such as a full build system inside the packager tool (wpkg).

As I do that work, I find little, and not so little, glitches in version 0.8.0. I found a crashing problem, a big mistake preventing the use of files, and the fact that limiting file names and path to what the good old tar system offers is just plain not enough so I ported the new code from 0.9.0 to support unlimited filenames in tar files!

These are the 3 major mistakes that got fixed.

I also goofed off with a few other things such ...