wpkg 1.0.0 is Available

After hours of research and testing, we finally got a version that has an update/upgrade path that works as expected in most cases. This is version 1.0.0.

This version also includes a few other bug fixes and enhancements to the project. For example, we lifted the constrain of 200Mb per package. The problem being that some people want to generate debug packages which include PDB files. Visual Studio generates those files and they greatly help in debugging your applications in case of a crash.

Note that version 1.0.0 was uploaded on SourceForge.net without a 32 bit version. However, we now offer a MS-Windows installer generated using NSI. The installer asks you where you want to install wpkg and it automatically creates a wpkg environment and installs wpkg in that environment. So in other words, you a ready made wpkg environment where you can install your own packages and Package Exporer.