Download Now!We currently use the services of and wpkg can be found and download from their servers.


The official download page is unigw (Unix/GNU System for MS-Windows).

The unigw download area is expected to include mingw32 (gnuwin32) package files. Unfortunately, at this point we do not have the time to work on that project. (mingw32 packages have many "compatibility problems" with wpkg because some files are present in ALL archives.)

Version Thresholds for wpkg

Versions 0.9.0+

Since version 0.9.0, wpkg was changed with a better more C++ way to handle the control file which allows it to handle many more control and control like files (for example, it supports many commands as defined in the pkg-config tool offered by Gnome.) Speaking of a better C++ way to handle things, the wpkg_output is also much better as it completely removed the use of the printf() instruction to generate log messages.

It includes support to create and compile source packages and automatically compile an entire repository of such. The transformed wpkg in a full build system.

It also redefined the architectures (for example, it is now mswindows-amd64 and not win64-amd64, and I fixed the sunos/solaris and another small mistake.)

Versions 0.8.0+

Since version 0.8.0, wpkg was validated for use in medical embedded systems. It also includes unit tests that run against about 50% of the code in the project.

Versions 0.7.x

The new version of wpkg (i.e. that works and compiles with Visual Studio) started with version 0.7.0. Older versions where limited to Linux and mingw32. Actually, versions 0.7.x does not compile as is with mingw32. Version 0.8.0 does, but there are a few problems with Unicode. A few functions make use of locale strings only so trying to use it with extended fonts will not work.

The --install used for upgrading works since version 0.7.0. Older versions could not upgrade a package, only install and uninstall, although it really works 100% properly in version 0.8.0. Versions 0.7.x would often generate an error while upgrading.

The proper (as per dpkg) behavior in regard to configuration files started with 0.7.0. This being said, we support a --deconfigure and rename configuration files when deconfiguring which is not one to one compatible with the Debian packager.

Versions 0.6.x and older

Older versions (up to 0.6.0) make use of Boost libraries in different ways that are likely going to prevent you from compiling the project. Look at the date and infer the version we used, if I'm correct it was 1.33 or so.

Version History of pkg-explorer

Version 0.3.0

Package Explorer version 0.3.0 is an upgrade that compiles and links against the newer version of the wpkg library, libdebpackages version 0.9.0.

Version 0.2.4

Package Explorer version 0.2.4 was the first version offered. Only the source code was given and it only compiled against wpkg 0.8.0+. The log output was a big change that broke the compatibility between 0.8.x and 0.9.x of the libdebpackages library.

PAD Files

We offer a padfile for wpkg and another padfile for pkg-explorer that your systems can download to keep track of our progress. There is the PAD Page of wpkg and the PAD Page of Package Explorer.