Supported Platforms

The following table lists the platform on which wpkg was successfully compiled and ran. Note that we only support Windows 32 and 64 bit, Ubuntu 64 bit, and Darwin 32 bit, all Intel based processors.

Operating System Processors Tested Compilers Supported
Microsoft Windows Intel 32 and 64 bit cl from Visual Studio C++ or Console NMake Yes
Ubuntu Linux Intel 64 bit g++ Yes
Darwin Intel 32 bit g++ Yes
MinGW Intel 32 bit cross-compiler g++  
Cygwin Intel 64 bit g++  
SunOS Intel 64 bit g++  
FreeBSD Intel 64 bit1 Compiled g++ 4.8  
Fedora Intel 64 bit g++  


  • 1. Note that by default FreeBSD comes with a version of g++ which is too old to compile wpkg. To make it work you need to recompile the newer version of gcc from the ports with the following commands:
    cd /usr/ports/lang/gcc48 && make install clean
    Note that requires you having an amount of free disk space that is large enough to support all the dependencies. When you do so with a clean system, you should have at least 20Gb of disk.