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wpkg 0.8.0 available

Finally, after countless hours working at it, we got 0.8.0 out!

This version includes a large number of new advanced features that allow you to very easily manage a target system, manage indexes of packages, and much much more.

All the features are already documented on this website so I won't try to re-document them here! If you are just starting with wpkg, make sure to go slowly. There is a lot to learn if you want to become an expert but in most cases you can just use the basics, see the following pages:

wpkg 0.7.2 available

wpkg 0.7.2 finally made it!

There were quite a few bugs to fix in 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 is already a huge improvement over 0.7.1.

The ChangeLog file will give you all the details, but the major bugs were in the compression/decompression code which would not properly handle all cases. This new version should not fail anymore. It was tested with many more packages and some really large ones (i.e. over 250Mb in size) so the compression code has now been stressed. I also write a unit test to test that code and had no problems even with sizes equal to the buffer boundaries.

For those of you who would ...

wpkg 0.7.1 available

I quickly published 0.7.1 as I found a couple of rather bad things in 0.7.0.

The main two problems where:

1) bz2 compression, this compression method would fail with large files because the offset was not properly handled;

2) ar creation, this archiving method would fail with large files because the offset was not properly handled.

The reason why such bugs were still in that version is simple: I just changed from creating files as one large memory block which would be enlarged by using new + copy + delete to a block based mechanism allocated 64Kb blocks. A package smaller than that would ...

wpkg 0.7.0 available

The first version of the new wpkg tool is now available on, it is version 0.7.0.

This version is a near complete replica of dpkg (outside of dselect commands.) So I suggest you start making use of this version instead of the older version 0.5.

You can directly download a binary version for Windows 32 or 64 bit then start creating packages!


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