pkg-explorer 0.2.4 available

Since I mentioned Package Explorer as one of the tools available in this project, someone asked about it and I published version 0.2.4.

At this point it is only the source code. We are still working on Qt to transform all the files so they get compiled by cmake as our whole environment is. Once that is available we'll be able to offer a full set of packages to get the Package Explorer tool installed with wpkg (and then itself, maybe, one day...)

Version 0.2.4 of Package Explorer compiles against version 0.8.x of wpkg. The API of the library changed quite a bit between 0.8.x and 0.9.x so we do not yet have a version of Package Explorer that works with wpkg 0.9.0. Soon though!


Update: version 0.3.0 of Package Explorer was released on Oct 3, 2013 and it compiles against 0.9.0.