wpkg --version

Options Comments
--verbose Display the version of each sub-library used by wpkg (i.e. zlib, bzip2, libtld, controlled_vars, etc.)

The --version command is used to print out the version of the wpkg tool to standard output.

The version is a valid Debian version. It may not be fully canonicalized (as small as possible, i.e. you may get 0.7.0 instead of 0.7).

It is possible to retrieve the wpkg version within expressions using the ${wpkg:Version} syntax (expressions are used in Control files and the --verify-fields option.)

This version is saved in the control files being built with wpkg under the name Packager-Version.

This version is saved in the package status file when a package is installed or upgraded as X-Install-Packager-Version and X-Last-Upgrade-Packager-Version.

You may use the --verbose option to get additional version information:

  • List of all the versions of all the libraries used by wpkg:
    • bzip2 (1.0.6+)
    • controlled_vars (1.3.4+)
    • libtld (1.4.0+)
    • zlib (1.2.7+)
    • Note that the libdebpackages, libutf8, and libexpr libraries always have the exact same version as wpkg so they are not shown.
  • For the wpkg tool, the date when it was compiled is also printed1.
  • 1. Note that this is really the date the libdebpackages was created, yet they should be created one after another so the library date is very much likely the same as the date when wpkg was created.