wpkg --verify-project

Options Comments
--verbose Display more information while verifying the project.

The --verify-project command helps you with detailed information about issues found in your project source files before you run the --build command to generate a source package.

This function goes through all the validation steps that the packager uses to ensure that a project can get packaged with wpkg. wpkg has these steps to create packages: create a source package, install the source package and its dependencies, run the project make to generate the package, package the result in binary packages (there are also unit and integration tests, although those are not checked until they actually run in the build process.) To ensure functionality, we attempt to verify everything we can as early as possible so that way you get much less surprises when the compilation and packaging happens. If we know ahead of time that a field is invalid, then we can avoid a huge waste of time.

By default the function returns silently with no messages once your project is valid. The --verbose option can be used to get additional information. There are also debug information that are printed if you want as much information as possible.