wpkg --tracking-journal ...

Specify the filename to use for the tracking journal. When using this command the tracking journal is saved in a file that does not get deleted at the end of the session. Also many commands do not save a journal by default.

When the --tracking-journal option is used, a tracking journal is created a kept for all the following commands:

  • --install -- record all pre-configurations, new installations, upgrades, downgrades, and configurations
  • --remove -- record all removal and deconfigurations
  • --build -- when creating packages using a target, keep track of the installation steps so it can be rolled back once the build itself ends
  • --deconfigure -- record all deconfigurations
  • --configure -- record all configurations
  • --unpack -- record all deconfigurations, unpacking, downgrading, upgrading
  • --purge -- record all deconfigurations and removal

Note that the --build command always saves a journal and it uses it to restore the target system the way it was before the build started. That way you can use the same target over and over again without having to re-create it from scratch and install the minimum set of software before you can build binary packages from source packages.