wpkg --processor

Options Comments
--verbose Include the architecture and vendor information.

The --processor command prints out the processor name this version of wpkg was compiled for. At this time, it may be i386 (32 bit Intel processor and compatible) or amd64 (64 bit Intel processor and compatible.)

This information is also available via a function in all expressions including those accessible in the control files:

Architecture: $(os())-$(processor())1

The --verbose option can be used to also get information about the machine wpkg is running on. This is an equivalent to the processor information, only the format is machine dependent.


The --verbose option under MS-Windows makes use of an environment variable which under MS-Windows is expected to be defined. Namely, it reads one of the PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW5332, PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE, or PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER. These values can be tainted since the operating system lets you change their value. Note that the processor() function is a compiled in value so it is not affected.

See Also:

  • 1. Note that in most cases you'll want to define the architecture with the architecture() function call.