wpkg --print-variables

Options Comments
--admindir Define the administration directory, where the database of the installed packages resides.
--debug Define a set of flags of things to print out for debug purposes.
--instdir Define the installation directory, where the data files are installed on the target.
--quiet Not used.
--root Define the installation root path.
--verbose Not used.

The --print-variables command is used to list the variables available in a .pc file. This is in link with the pkg-config support in wpkg.

Note that wpkg provides a set of pre-defined variables that can always be overwritten in the .pc file, although it is probably smarter to make use of those variables. Especially, you probably want to make use of the ${instdir} variable because it indicates the location of the installation directory and there where all your package files get installed.

The list also includes variables explicitly defined using the --define-variable option.