wpkg --path-length-limit ...

By default wpkg lets you use very long paths, as long as what the current operating system supports (i.e. over 32,000 under MS-Windows!)

Yet, wpkg emits a warning when a full path and filename is 1,024 bytes or more.

This limit can be modified with the use of the --path-length-limit option. The minimum is 64 and the maximum is 65536. To avoid all warnings, use the maximum:

wpkg --path-length-limit 65536 ...

In some circumstances, it may be useful to actually ask wpkg to generate an error instead of a warning. That way you can make sure that a package with very long filenames does not get generated. This can be useful when you create packages that are expected to be compatible between different operating systems (i.e. source packages, documentations, in fact, any package that is not architecture specific.) In this case, make use of the --enforce-path-length-limit option.

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