wpkg --output-filename ...

The --output-filename option is rarely necessary. It is used to force the file name of a package being built. The default is generated by wpkg using the Package, Version, and Architecture fields. The Architecture is ignored if set to "all" since it is not required to install that package (in most cases documentation packages are defined that way.)1

It can, at times, be useful to specify the package name from the outside. It is not recommended because if you use the wrong name then your repository will not work as expected. The name is very specific in a wpkg environment and it is used to find packages to install when used with commands such as --repository, --upgrade, and --create-index.

Note that the --output-filename option is not compatible with info control files or the stand alone --build command since each output file needs to have a different name.

  • 1. Note that Debian package names do include the "all" architecture in their filenames.