wpkg one letter options index

The following table shows the list of one letter command lines available in wpkg.

Note that all one letter command line options that can be used by itself can be used with a slash (/) instead of a dash (-). For example, the -h can also be written /h, the main reason for this feature because many MS-DOS users are used to /h instead of -h. The /C command can also be used with the slash. All other commands cannot be used with the slash because they require other parameters on the command line.

Letter Command Description
-a unused Used by dpkg in link with --select to work on all selected files.
-A unused Used by dpkg and dselect to mark available packages.
-b --build | -b Build a package.
-c --contents | -c List the files in a package.
-C --audit | -C Audit an installation: check installation validity and the md5sum of each file.
-D --debug | -D Add debug output.
-Dh not supported Print detailed debug help.
-e --control | -e Extract the control archive.
-E --skip-same-version | -E Do not install if the package is already installed and has the same version.
-f --field | -f Print the content of a field.
-G --refuse-downgrade | -G Refuse downgrading (installing a smaller version.)
-h --help | -h Print out a help screen.
-i --install | -i Install packages.
-I --info | -I Display information about a package.
-l --list | -l List installed packages.
-L --listfiles | -L List files installed from packages.
-O unused Used to only install selected packages.
-p --print-avail | -p Print the control file of an installed package.
-P --purge | -P Purge a package, which means applying a --remove, a --deconfigure, and then deleting all the configuration files.
-r --remove | -r Remove (uninstall / repair) a package that was previously installed.
-R --recursive | -R Recursively handle repository directories or --remove commands.
-s --status | -s Show the status of an installed package.
-S --search | -S Search a file in the installed packages.
-v --verbose | -v Turn on verbose mode.
-V --field-variables | -V Dynamically add field variables.
-W --show | -W Show a package content.
-x --extract | -x Extract data files from a package.
-X --vextract | -X Extract files from a package.
-z --zlevel | -z Set the compression level (1-9).
-Z --compressor | -Z Set the compressor used to compress the data tarball.