wpkg --no-force-hold | --refuse-hold ...

The --no-force-hold option prevents you from modifying an installed package which is on hold. By default a package is defined as manual. If changed to hold, the system cannot upgrade, downgrade, or remove that package unless you use --force-hold or revert the package selection to another mode.

The --no-force-hold option ensures that the hold is enforced. It can be quite useful in a configuration file as to always prevent all the functions that modify a package from being performed.

Note that it is always possible to re-install a package over itself to refresh the binaries with those saved in the package file. Even the hold function does not prevent a rewrite in this case. So the --no-force-hold option has no effect here. However, you could make use of the --skip-same-version option to avoid such overwrites. Then a package is truly not modify-able by the packager.

The --refuse-hold is an exact equivalent.