wpkg --md5sums-check

The wpkg --md5sums-check command verifies the md5 checkums of a set of files as defined on your command line. If the md5 checksum of a file does not match its counterpart in the md5sums.txt file, then an error is generated and the process fails, although as many files as possible get checked before wpkg exits. Example of usage:

wpkg --md5sums-check md5sums.txt wpkg_0.8.0_linux-amd64.deb

Obviously only the files defined in the md5sums.txt file get their md5 checksum checked. If a file defined on your command line is not defined in the md5sums.txt file, a warning is generated. To avoid the warnings, avoid including those files on the command line. For example, to test files a.txt and b.cpp you can write:

wpkg --md5sums-check md5sums.txt a.txt b.cpp

The md5sums.txt file can be created with the wpkg --md5sums command or the md5sums Unix command line tool.

Note that the binary/text flag (the asterisk or space before the filename) is ignored when checking the files md5 checksums.