wpkg --md5sums

The wpkg --md5sums command is used to create an md5sums file as the md5sum Unix command does. This is useful if you are to transfer many files and want to verify that the files were indeed transferred without errors. Use the --md5sums-check command to verify a set of files as defined in an md5sums file.

We offer this capability in wpkg because the md5sum computation is part of the libdebpackages library and thus it is just a few lines of code to create an md5sums file.

The usage is simply a list of files from which md5sums are to be computed. The output is written in stdout. In most cases you are expected to redirect the output as in:

wpkg --md5sums repository/*.deb >repository/md5sums.txt

The format of the resulting md5sums.txt file is the same as the Unix format:

0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdcef *file.exe
0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdcef  file.txt

The format is the md5sum of the file, one space, either a space (text file) or an asterisk (binary file), then the filename. The filename can include spaces.