wpkg --log-output ...

By default, wpkg is relatively quiet about its work unless an error occurs. It also prints out warnings by default, you can hide warnings with the --quiet option. It is possible to get additional information with the --verbose and --debug options. These are shown in stdout along other messages.

All those messages are always generated, but are just ignored by default. However, it is possible to save all those messages in a log file with the use of the --log-output option. The option expects one filename, the output log file. The packager only prints out text to the log file so you may browse the result with a text editor, although the log files are computer parsable so they can be a bit difficult to read.

The --log-output option can be use with the special name "-" (dash) in which case the log output is redirected to standard output. Note, however, that this means some messages will be printed twice.

This option applies to all the wpkg commands, although some wpkg commands do not generate any logs.


A command that genereates some output such as --list, --list-index-packages, --contents, etc. most often does not generate any additional log output.