wpkg --list-all

Options Comments
--admindir Define the administration directory, where the database of the installed packages resides.
--debug Define a set of flags of things to print out for debug purposes.
--instdir Define the installation directory, where the data files are installed on the target.
--quiet Not used.
--root Define the installation root path.
--verbose Not used.

The --list-all command was defined to support the command of the same name of the pkg-config program.

As with the pkg-config tool, the list consists of two columns: the package names on the left and descriptions on the right.

Current Limitations

At this point, though, the list consists of all the installed packages instead of all the available modules a.k.a. .pc files (i.e. one package may provide multiple libraries; for example, the wpkg project itself provides a libutf8 and libexpr along the main libdebpackages library.)