wpkg --interactive [console|gui] ...

The application does not try to determine whether it has access to an interactive console or graphical user interface (GUI). Instead it expects wpkg to not be used in an interactive environment.

This flag is expected to be followed by one parameter, although if none are specified, "console" is assumed. The currently accepted values are:

  • console -- use the gets() and equivalent functions to ask for input
  • gui -- in this case the application tries to open a window to request the necessary data

Note that these flags are case insensitive. GUI and Console work too.

At this point this option is only for remote connections with MS-Windows NetBIOS and HTTP that require a username and password and these were not specified with the URI.

wpkg --interactive gui -i \\repository\share\packages\wpkg_0.7.3_win64.deb

At this point the --interactive option is expected to be limited to only options that require a username and password.