wpkg --help | -h

Short Hand

wpkg -h

Options Comments
--quiet Print less information, often a bare list of items.
--verbose Print more information, often the entire help that is availale for the command.

The --help command is used to print out all the help information in the standard output.

By default, the  wpkg tool prints all the available commands and options and then quits immediately with an error code.

The packager does not offer detailed help pages for each command. For that purpose, use this website instead. However, it has some extended help that can be of great use in your console while working with wpkg.

Extended Help

The --help command can be followed by a command to retrieve additional information about different parts of the packager. Especially parts that are likely to change between versions. For example, newer versions are likely to support/understand more fields in your control file.

There are a few basic extended help commands you may want to use once in a while:

wpkg --help help-list
wpkg --help help
wpkg --help field --quiet
wpkg --help field Architecture
wpkg --help sections

The field command prints out the fields that the packager understands and is likely to parse to make sure the value of those fields are valid. The sections command lists all sections that are currently accepted by the packager.

The help-list gives you the complete list of all the extended help available. Each extension may further instruct you to use such and such option. Unfortunately, using a command such as:

wpkg --help field

Does not give you any help on how to use the field command, it gives you help about the fields... To get help about the command, you may use the --verbose option along the help-list command:

wpkg --verbose --help help-list

Actually, the --verbose and --quiet options are both used in many circumstances to print more or less information in different circumstances. Try them to have an idea.