wpkg --force-vendor ...

When installing a package, the vendor the package was created for is checked against the vendor of the target installation folder. If there is a mismatch, wpkg fails with a validation error.

Note that by default no vendor information is expected in the architecture specification of a target. This means packages with any vendor can be installed on your target system.

To allow the installation of packages with a different vendor, one can use --force-vendor on the installation command line. Note that binaries are likely to fail if they end up in the wrong location. The main difference between vendors is the fact that data is placed in different directories although Unix like system generally place their binaries and libraries in well defined locations and thus such installations are likely to work.


The --no-force-all, --refuse-all, --no-force-vendor, --refuse-vendor all cancel this feature whatever the position of the different options on the command line.