wpkg --force-depends-version ...

When creating a package, one can write a set of dependencies in its control file. It is possible to constrain those dependencies with one or more specific versions. That way not only a dependency of such or such name is necessary, but it has to be of that specific set of versions.

The installer prevents the installation administrator from installing a package if a dependency is not compatible, which means is available with the proper version.

The --force-depends-version option allows the installation administrator to run an installation of packages even if the version of some of its dependencies are not in range.

The use of this option is not recommended.


Although it is possible to get packages automatically installed with the use of the --repository option, it does not automatically upgrade packages. This means an installed dependency package that has an invalid version but has a newer version available in the specified --repository is not implicitely upgraded to the newer version. Instead you have to specify the new version on the wpkg command line.


The --no-force-all, --refuse-all, --no-force-depends-version, --refuse-depends-version all cancel this feature whatever the position of the different options on the command line.