wpkg --force-architecture ...

When installing a package, the architecture of the package is checked against the architecture of the target installation folder. If there is a mismatch, wpkg fails with a validation error.

To allow the installation of packages with a different architecture, one can use the --force-architecture option on the installation command line. Note that binaries are likely to fail in this case. However, when the package is made of scripts (Perl, PHP, shell, etc.) then chances are it will work on a different architecture (although some installation scripts may fail to run.)

Note that the vendor information is also part of the architecture. You may use the --force-vendor option instead to enforce the operating system and the processor information, but ignore vendor mismatches.

The use of this command line option is not recommended.


The --no-force-all, --refuse-all, --no-force-architecture, --refuse-architecture all cancel this feature whatever the position of the different options on the command line.