wpkg --exception ...

When creating packages, your install scripts may copy unwanted files to the output directories. To avoid adding those unwanted files to the package, one can use exceptions. By default wpkg ignores the following directories and files:

Exception Pattern Comment
RCS RCS directories
SCCS SCCS directories
CVS CVS directories
.svn Subversion directories
.git GIT directories
*.bak Backup files that have a .bak extension
*~ Backup files that end with a tilde (~)
*.swp VIM swap files
TAGS Tags files
tags Tags files


The "core" exception pattern was removed (since 0.7.2 if I'm correct) as some libraries use that name for directories. For example, the boost library includes a core directory with low level functions used by all the other boost environment.

You may add other exceptions with the --exception option. For example, if you have backups defined as *.bck you can add that parttern this way:

wpkg --exception '*.bck' ...

Patterns are full Unix shell like patterns and support the asterisk (*), question mark (?), and character set ([...]). For example, you could use *.sw[a-z] for VIM swap files.


Such patterns must be defined between single or double quotes to work as expected in a Unix shell.

See also the --clear-exceptions option as a way to remove the predefined wpkg exception patterns.