wpkg --create-database-lock

Options Comments
--admindir Define the administration directory, where the database of the installed packages resides.
--debug Define a set of flags of things to print out for debug purposes.
--instdir Define the installation directory, where the data files are installed on the target.
--quiet Request for warning messages to not be displayed.
--root Define the installation root path.
--verbose Display log information of level INFO.

The --create-database-lock command can be used to lock the database of the packager.

This is used when an external tool is used to temporarily manage the database.

Note that the wpkg commands that lock the database before running will not work while the lock is in place while an external tool is running.

To test whether the lock is in place, see the --database-is-locked command.

Once done with the lock, make sure to call the --remove-database-lock command. You should also remove the lock if an error occurs or Ctrl-C is used.

See a script example on the --database-is-locked command page.

Note that all the flags defined on the right are understood by the command, but most do not affect this function since no package files will be managed by the command. Yet, with time these may have side effects since they appear in the code used by the command to initialize the archive manager.