wpkg --contents | -c

Short Hand

wpkg -c

Options Comments
--admindir Define the administration directory, where the database of the installed packages resides.
--debug Define a set of flags of things to print out for debug purposes.
--instdir Define the installation directory, where the data files are installed on the target.
--numbers Display numbers for owners, groups, and mode.
--quiet Request for warning messages to not be displayed.
--root Define the installation root path.
--verbose Display log information of level INFO.

The --contents command allows you to list the files defined in a package. This is similar to the -tv command line option of the tar tool.

By default, the output is the filenames and their attributes (tar -tv): user, group, byte size, date, and in case of a link, the name of the destination file. The --quiet option can be used to reduce the output to only the list of plain files (tar -t).

The filenames are tweaked to look like what the system sees them as: it removes the "./" if it exists, and tranforms /L/ into L:/ where L is any letter (A-Z) and the X-Drive-Letter field is set to "Yes" in the control file.


At this time the drive letter support is only cosmetic in this command output. It is not otherwise supported by the application.