Control File: short description too long

The Description field supports a short and a long description. The short description is the first line, the one appearing on the same line as the Description keyword. The long description is the continuation of the field.

The Debian system expects the short description to be at most 70 characters so it can fit on a console line. We do enforce that and a line that is too long generates an error.

Note: Field values are trimmed (spaces at the start and end of the value,) and of course the field name is not included in the length determination.

VALIDDescription: The Short Description
 The long description is not limited at all. However, you probably want to avoid writing
 an essay in this field because not too many people would read such when installing a package
 in their target system.
INVALIDDescription: This Package Is Super Cool and I have to tell you that right here because you need to know!
 Short description is over 70 characters...