Control File: field value continuation without a field name

In a control file you enter a list of fields. A field is defined as a name, followed by a colon, and then a value. Values can be written on multiple lines. The following lines have to start with exactly 1 space or 1 tab and then whatever other continuation value. The interpretation of a continuation value can vary depending on the field (i.e. for the Description field it is called the Long Description.)

If you start your control file with a space, then that first line is seen as a continuation value. This is not valid because that value cannot be attached to a field. This error is generated in this case.

VALIDDescription: Superbe Packager for MS-Windows
 Advanced, full featured packager for Microsoft Windows.
 It just rocks!
INVALID Advanced, full featured field without a name!
Description: Control File Field comes too late...