Control File: field, sub-package, or variable name missing

Every line must either have a field name, a variable name, or be a continuation line. Continuation lines do not generate this error, although others are possible.

Fields must be written with a name immediately followed by a colon (:).

Variables are very similar to fields, only they use an equal sign (=) instead.

If the colon or equal sign are missing, then this error is generated because wpkg does not know what to do with that entry.

Note that in a .info file you can also include a Sub-Package name. This means a field that starts with a slash also represents an empty field or variable name and thus is not allowed.

Sub-Package names appear after the slash (/) character and it also cannot be empty; and wpkg generates an error if empty (although it could just view it as if no slash had been used, if you have the slash it probably means you intended to enter a sub-package name.)

VALIDField: Value
Field/run-time: Value
Variable= Value
= Value
/run-time: Value
Field/: Value
 : Value
 = Value
Variable/= Value
/doc= Value