Control File: a field or variable name cannot be used more than once

In software, many bugs are found because the same variable is set two or more times. Here, fields and variables can be set only once in a control file. The .info control files may define the same field or variable more than once, but in that case each instance much clearly be defined for a specific Sub-Package (including one entry that is viewed as non-specific or the default value.)

In all other cases, entering a field or a variable twice is considered an error.

Note: Defined twice with the exact same value is still an error.

If you have very long fields, you may break them up using the continuation scheme (i.e. type enter and start the next line with one space.)

VALIDPackage: wpkg
Version: 0.7.3
Architecture: amd64
Depends: boost,
INVALIDPackage: wpkg
Package: wpkg
Depends: boost
Depends: libqtserialization