Build: Package field in the control file

The Package field of the control file is checked for validity. First of all, it must be defined or the packager fails with an error. Then the name of the package must be valid.


In a file the Package field is also required. The Sub-Package field only defines each sub-package that you want the system to generate so it is not enough.

There are two criterias for the validity of a package name:

1) It can only be composed of lowercase letters (a-z), digits, and the plus (+), minus (-), period (.) characters. All other characters, including uppercase letters (A-Z), are not allowed. Also names must start and end with a letter or a digit1.

2) The name cannot be "tmp" or "core". These two names are reserved. Additional reserved names may be added later, although it is fairly unlikely. There is no such Debian limitations that we know of.

  • 1. The Debian specification allows for special characters (+-.) at the end of a package name. We think it is asking for trouble so we do not allow it.