wpkg.conf configuration files

The wpkg command line tool first reads command line options from configuration files when they exist.

The first configuration file checked is:


Then the tool checks for a user defined wpkg configuration file under


The configuration files are composed of options only, those are documented with an ellipsis (i.e. wpkg --clear-exceptions ...), however, they have to be written without dashes (-). Also only the long version options are available (i.e. the --verbose option for verbose cannot be used as just v in a configuration file, you must use verbose.)

For example, a configuration file could look something like this:


Options that accept a value should be written as a variable with the value written after an equal sign. Spaces are trimmed before and after the equal sign. Also spaces in the value are viewed as argument separators. This is useful for commands that accept one or more parameters msuch as the --verify-fields option. Note, however, that it is not currently possible to define one argument with spaces (i.e. quotes are not supported.)


Remember that a --refuse-... options cannot be overridden by their corresponding --force-... options. So writing such options in your configuration files 100% prevents users from ever using the corresponding --force-... options.