Quick Info

The Urgency field defines whether this version of the package should replace the previous version now or whether it can wait. This is particularly important when a security issue was fixed in a package which then should be updated on every system using this pacakage.

The valid values are as follow:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Emergency
  • Critical

The urgency text is case insensitive (low == Low == LOW).

The Urgency field is most often automatically defined when wpkg is used with the --build command and a wpkg/chagelog file exists.

It is possible to add a comment afterward, usually between parenthesis. For example, if you are doing an upgrade because of a security issue, you could mention the security issue number:

Urgency: critical (SSA 2322-122-Q)

wpkg also accepts a long description on the following lines.

This field is not required. Debian does not define a default value. We use Low as the default if not defined and a value is required.

The field is used by the --upgrade-urgent command line option and shown with the --upgrade-info --verbose combination.