Maintainer (mandatory)

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The Maintainer field includes the name and email address of the maintainer of the module. It is not necessary to put your real name, however, if you want people to be able to contact you, you certainly want a valid email address.

The email format is checked and must match RFC 822. A valid full domain name is expected (i.e. a local domain is rejected.) The expected format is as follow:

Person Name <name@domain.tld>

For example, packages I work on will have the following entry:

Alexis Wilke <>

The full name of the maintainer is required. The full name of the maintainer cannot include a period (.), comma(,), less than (<), greater than (>) and many other characters or it must be written between double quotes. For example if I were to write my name as A. Wilke the Maintainer field would become:

"A. Wilke" <>

The packager lets you know whether the field is considered valid or not, however, you are responsible to make it valid.

The standalone --build command looks at the ChangeLog file for a maintainer name and email address. In most cases you won't have to define it in the control file.

See also: email address specification