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wpkg 0.9.4 available

wpkg 0.9.4 is a bug fixes version as proposed by Trent Clarke (see wpkg discussions Only validate.bat copied in the control.tar.gz archive and Improving package version resolution posted in the UniGW Project discussion area).

The version includes a much better handling of the scripts to know which ones to include in a control.tar.gz file. Actually, the validate scripts (validate, and validate.bat) are now being checked properly and the architecture is properly canonicalized in the wpkgar_build.cpp file before it gets checked. This makes a difference as we can now ...

wpkg 0.9.3 available

We just released wpkg 0.9.3 (the mswindows version will be added very soon Done!). This version fixes two bugs found by Trent Clarke.

These two bugs were:

1. The source list URLs would be added to the wpkg internal repository list only if it represented a local directory name. So remote URIs such as HTTP remote repository were not working anymore.

2. The upgrade info command would make use of a pointer to a temporary string, which temporary, by the time it was used, had been released from memory. The result would generally be garbage, it could also have crashed wpkg.

I updated the coverage ...